the dead pool-1999

Our predictions for death in the year 1999. Wagering is allowed, endorsed and suggested. You,can play along at home, just enter your predictions on the lazyeye Webboard.

Who ever thought death could be so much fun?



Timmy Mac Timmy K. Bradley T. Tommy P. Katie K. Teresa G.
Most Honored Death Bill Cosby The Pope Bob Hope Strom Thurmond Kate Hepburn Bea Arthur
Personal Heroes Joe DiMaggio J.D. Salinger Bob Keeshan Eddie Murphy Rosa Parks Henry Hyde
Isn't he already dead? Charles Schulz Ronald Reagan Dick Takechi Ted Nugent The Queen Mum The Big Kahuna
Too young to die Corey Haim Hughston Walkinshaw Todd Bridges Jennifer Capriati Grace Slick Calista Flockhart
Local Heroes Warren F. & Chuck D. Tom Osborne Charlie Thome Greg Dowding Bob D’s wife Otis XII
Who we want to die Rush Limbaugh Newt Gingrich David Sanborn Jim Brown Lawrence Phillips Dr. Laura
Head count 1 0 0 0 0 0

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