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The Good Life

Help Wanted Nights

"Its very simplicity is a lesson that his pal and label mate Conor Oberst could benefit from."


Maria Taylor

Lynn Teeter Flower

"...While the debut (11:11) was a strong beginning, this one takes her closer to where she's headed, but doesn't quite get there, probably because she still can't quite let go of her sepia-toned past."


Eric Bachmann

To the Races

"Bachmann's songs, as stark and aching as they may be, are nothing less than purely gorgeous, like all his friends up in the sky."



Aw Come Aw Wry

Bob Mould

Body of Song


Adam Richman

Patience and Science

Simone White

Sincere Recording Co. Presents Simone White

XXX: Music from Thinking XXX

various artists

The Great Depresssion

Unconscious Pilot


Here Comes Everyone


The Polyphonic Spree

Together We're Heavy

The Slats

Pick It Up

Local H

Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles?


Per Second... Every Second

Comets on Fire

Blue Cathedral


Tilly and the Wall

Wild Like Chidren

Owsley Sunshine / The Tone Def Amigos

Modest Mouse

Good News for People Who Love Bad News

The Good Life

Lovers need Lawyers

Sour Deluxe

White Noise


At the Close of Every Day

zalig zijn de armen van geest

Andy Logan

Last Dance on the Wild Frontier

Miss Autopsy



Humble Gods

Born Free


The Kite-Eating Tree

Method: fail, Repeat...



Flashes and Cables EP


Hannah Marcus

Desert Farmers


Leave Your Name

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

Perris, CA

Burgess Shale

It's Never Enough, Is It?





Love and Affliction

Guided by Voices

Best of...


Fiel Garvie

Leave Me Out of This


Young People

War Prayers


Miracle of 86

Every Famous Last Word


Amy Blaschke


Denison Witmer



A People's History of
The Dismemberment Plan

various artists



Through the Fog, Through the Pines

Emily Easterly


Azure Ray

Hold On Love

David Bowie





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The Break / Let It Burn

split EP

Big Collapse


The Karl Hendricks Trio

The Jerks Win Again




Dead by Dawn

Strawberry Burns



I Give You Canoe!

WInfred E. Eye

The Dirt Tier



The Sister Maria


John Larsen





Happy Songs for Happy People


Onward + Upward


There's This Girl


I Know Your Troubles Been Long

FCS North


Alkaline Trio

Good Mourning

North Sea Story

Rebuilding Season


Being Ridden

Blue Shade Witness

s/t ep

Saddle Creek 50

various artists

Atom and His Package

Attention! Blah Blah Blah

We Talked About Murder

Expecting the Explosion

Gatsbys American Dream

Ribbons & Sugar

The New Pornographers

Electric Version


Inner Onwriter

No Escape

A Tribute to Journey

Head of Femur

Ringodom Or Proctor demo

Killian Ryan

Words Never Said Again

Citizen's Band


For Against


Two Guys


Fairburn Royals

From a Window Way Above

Gary Numan

I, Assassin / Warriors

Lazy-i Best of 2002 Compilation


Keleton DMD

Body Double


East to West


Nice International


Sarah Veladora

Halifax Pier

Put Your Gloves on and Wave

Lisboa / Kid Brother Collective

split EP


self-titled EP

Matt Marka

Repeat Pete Repete


Sweets from the Minibar

Heros Severum

Wonderful Educated Bear

The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up

Homemade Drugs

The Lepers

The Love from Above

Maybe This Christmas

various artists

Two Gallants

Two Gallants

Rating: Yes

There's a knock on Two Gallants, it's that all their music sounds the same.

It's an easy, lazy statement to make. It's also easy to prove. Take someone who's never heard the band before and play a typical track from The Throes, their 2004 debut on Alive Records. Follow that with a song from Where the Toll Tells, their 2006 Saddle Creek Records debut, and one from this, their new eponymously titled follow-up. Now ask your test subject how the three vary musically and lyrically. First, they'll assume they all came from the same album; next they'll ask (eagerly) if all their songs sound like this. The answer, of course, is yes.

Like I said, it's an easy knock, and it's not fair, really. Two Gallants, the San Francisco duo of singer/guitarist Adam Stephens and drummer Tyson Vogel, have crafted a unique sound that feels like a cross between '60s blues-rock, "The House of the Rising Sun" and modern-day pirate songs. Stephens' craggy voice and rolling, picking' electric guitar bend the music over Vogel's bright, almost militaristic syncopated marching-band percussion. The result is a slice of turn-of-the-(20th)-Century Americana merged with Delta blues and indie rock.


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