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Lazy-i Best of 2001 Compilation

I do this every year (except in '96, when I wasn't writing music reviews) as a recap of all the best music I've had a chance to hear. Most come from review copies of CDs received in the mail for review on or  The Omaha Weekly. Not every track was released in 2001. Some came out in 2000 but I included them anyway because either their CD was still being pushed as the band passed through Omaha on tour, or I just discovered it late.

The story behind this year's tape case design: Those are my dogs, Sam and Nutmeg (Nutmeg's on the back of the jewel case, celebrating Hanukkah). World-class designer Donovan Beery came up with the package design.

Who gets a copy of this CD? I make about 50 of them and send them to friends, family and industry folks I've been in contact with throughout the year-- all the important people. It's a fun substitution for sending out Christmas cards.

Here's a rundown of the songs:

Swearing at Motorists -- "Flying Pizza" from the album Number Seven Uptown.

The Jealous Sound -- "Bitter Strings" from the band's debut EP on Better Looking Records . 

Stephen Malkmus -- "Jo Jo's Jacket" from his debut CD on Matador Records. 

Atom & His Package -- "Going to Georgia" from Redefining Music on Hopeless Records. 

Liars -- "Mr. You're on Fire Mr." from They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top on Gern Blandsten Records.

The Faint -- "Glass Danse World" from Danse Macabre on Saddle Creek Records. 

Preston School of Industry -- "Whalebones" from All This Sounds Gas on Matador Records. 

Smog -- "Dress Sexy at My Funeral" from Dongs of Sevotion on Drag City Records. 

Low -- "Dinosaur Act" from Things We Lost in the Fire on Kranky Records. 

Red House Painters -- "Michigan" from Old Ramon on Sub Pop Records. 

Beekeeper -- "Watching You Die" from their Southern Records debut. 

Pinetop Seven -- "On the Last Ride In"  from Bringing Home the Last Great Strike released on Truckstop Records. 

Paula Frazer -- "That You Know" from Indoor Universe released on Birdman Records. 

Gentleman Caller -- "Girl in Flames Leaving Me Beautiful" from Ice Water on Smokey Lung Records.

Death Cab for Cutie -- "Why You'd Want to Live Here" from The Photo Album on Barsuk Records. 

Sorry About Dresden -- "A Brilliant Ally" from The Convenience of Indecision, released on Saddle Creek Records. 

Son, Ambulance -- "A New Dress for Maybell," from Euphemystic, on Saddle Creek Records. 

M. Ward -- "Carolina" from End of Amnesia, released on Future Farmer Recordings. 

Belle & Sebastian -- "I Love My Car" from I'm Waking Up to Us, on Matador. 

Juno -- "Up Through the Night" from A Future Lived in Past Tense, released on DeSoto Records.