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2-song demo:
1. Outerspace
2. Pipedream

The band plays at one speed, one sound level, from beginning to end.

4 Lb. Robin

2-song demo

Don't know all that much about this band, other than they're a 5-piece that hails from Omaha and have been around less than a year, playing at assorted venues throughout the city.

The two-song demo was "recorded on CPU," according to the marker writing on the jewel case. In other words, this is truly a homemade job, and the sound quality reflects it. It's relatively thin; the drums sound a lot like someone tapping on cardboard boxes. The guitars sound sloppy. I'm not sure I'd be sending this recording around for review, but obviously these guys are proud of these songs and want some feedback.

Outerspace, the first track, is a trippy little number that blends a grungy guitar sound (on the verse) with a Grant Lee Buffalo falsetto (on the chorus, or is it the bridge?). Not bad, but probably too long, and definitely the better of the two songs.

Nothing seems to stand out on Pipedream,a sort of R.E.M.ish wandering jam that goes on too long. The recording here is particularly thin. You would never know they're a 5-piece. What's missing from both songs is a definitive, memorable hook or some dynamics. The band plays at one speed, one sound level, from beginning to end. They could add a lot of dimension if they just added some dynamics. It's as if they have a set song and pattern down pat and don't want to wander from it. Mix it up, boys, don't be afraid to let your instruments do the talking.

Maybe a live format would help. Yes, I have seen these guys live, but it was on a night where their sound system was suffering some nasty problems and they had to stop a few times during their set. It would be wrong for me to comment further, and unfair. Certainly both of these tracks have the capability of sounding cool live. Or maybe the band just needs to get a little more experience under its belt. Either way, they're trying to bring a true alternative pop sound to Omaha that's not being heard around these parts in quite a while.

Contact info:



phone: 402-341-5391

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