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After apparently finding this website via the Ultimate Band List (UBL), I received a copy of Jungle Juice's demo in the mail from Ian Ingram, a la   "Jungle Juice" promotion.

Most demos that pass through my tapedeck sound like shit, both in sound quality and in performances. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The 5-song cassette tape features heavy-duty hip-hop white-boy rap, with more than a touch of angry fist-in-the-air Rage Against the Machine angst. RATM seems to be the band's chief source of inspiration, both musically and lyrically. There's plenty of hard-core guitar riffs to go around with all that pent up anger.

The curious part of this whole scenario is that Jungle Juice apparently are from Riverside, Conn. They're official website (at doesn't contain any bio material about the boys in the band, but shows us a few pictures. They look like they're having plenty of fun, but they don't look like they have all that much to complain about. And there's plenty of statements to be made on this demo.

The rise of gansta and other bio-rap has forever changed the music world, where we're not suppose to judge an act by its history. These days, especially in the rap world, you ain't nuthin' unless you have street cred. Take Snoop Dog, for instance. His music just instantly has more credibility than most because he's actually been involved in a murder case or two. And don't even get me started about Tupak -- he lived his music, maybe a bit too well.

So what about Jungle Juice? They're raps on this demo are charged with political hyperbole, as well as plenty of heavy duty rhyme about dope and drugs. Yet, one has to wonder if these guys have actually seen the dark side of that world or if they're, for lack of a better phrase, "just making it up." It shouldn't matter. But it does.

You can find out more about this band and hear some soundclips from this demo at the above website or email them at: