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Boston and Beyond

A compilation from the D.I.Y Halls

Nebulon Community Records

Rating: Yes

I have no idea if this is available to the general public. The "Info Sheet" contained within calls it a compilation of unsigned, lesser known bands who follow the D.I.Y. ethic, mostly from Boston and along the East Coast. Omaha should be so lucky to have this kind of a scene. Just under 66 minutes with 23 tracks, most around two minutes long, you get a taste of what's happening at all the other clubs that we'll never hear of. Very diverse, but with the same modern punk thread running throughout. The poppier stuff is better than the hardcore stuff. Definately worth the price of the disc and airfare to Boston to check them out live. An outstanding locally produced compilation.

Home Runs:

Moment -- Crunch punk pop too fast to explain.

Chupa Cabra -- I'm still wondering why these guys aren't signed. Probably as close to Chavez as you're going to get, but with even more edge.

Moveable -- Reminds me of a band called Pencil and a local outfit from Lawrence called Zoom that no longer exists (and I'm still broken up about it). Terrific guitars, terrific vocals, terrific song. My favorite of the bunch.

Endlast -- Cool bass crunch punk pop. The song's last minute moved it up from "Hits" to "Home runs."

The Wobblies -- Cranky rock and roll, with enough math in a 6/8 pattern to move it to the next level. This is over-the-top, and I like it.

28 Degrees Taurus -- Dreamy mix of Sonic Youth and The Cure.



The Goonies -- Hardcore that mixes horns and snarl well. Don't call it ska.

The Statue Factor -- Keyboard-driven Cramps meets Jon Spencer by way of Rolling Stones.

Tunnel of Love -- "I'm ugly, my body's thin and bony." You'd be angry too, but not as funky about it.

The Bends -- In the style of Nerf Herder and other power-chord fun punkers everywhere. Charmingly sloppy at times.

The Terribles -- Very homemade sounding rock, with something extra.

Fiesel -- Two-part speak and scream rave-up.

Surrender -- Sort of Sublime-ish, and funny, too. Is it real punk? Not really.

Chemical Peel Doing -- It just doesn't get fuzzier; all wrapped around one guitar lick.

The Fantastics -- Bass-driven funkrock by way of Stone Roses.

The Ignint Fucks -- Loops, found noises and a stupid chick. Experimental?



The Actionmen -- Hardcore. Blah.

Slept -- It comes close to the same haunting feel as Idaho or American Music Club. Too bad about the keyboards.

Castrati -- Geek vocals on top of old-style Metallica riffage equals more bad hardcore.

Democracy Test -- Another hardcore band, this time a lot of kids yell "Allegiance."

My Magnificent Machine -- Scream-core, and at over five minutes. Great band, too bad about the vocals.

SWAT -- Another hardcore band. Yawn.

The Goombas -- Real D.I.Y. punk. -- Real D.I.Y. punk.

Contact: Nebulon Community Records
C/O Jim Dias
44 Winfisky Dr.
Stoughton, Mass 02072
Phone: 617-971-9739


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