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I don't even know if this band still exists. The tape was given to me this summer by a friend in my office -- seems her cousin is in the band (Jamie Jacobs on vocals, huzzah!). And six months is a long time for an unsigned band to continue to exist. And it would be a shame if this one no longer does.

This 5-song demo is a little treasure for anyone who loves good, heavy-pop female-lead groups, such as Veruca Salt, Zuzu's Petals, Garbage, Elastica, Belly, and so on. Recorded in Chicago at Soundworks Studio by Ken Slueter and Chris Seaver, the quality is top-notch, probably the best-sounding demo tape I've ever heard (and I've heard more than my share). The mix is pristine. But what about the music?

Sour is sassy, sexy college rock with more than a bit of Smashing Pumpkins influence to carry it through. Unlike the Pumpkins, however, Sour's music is fun, not gloomy; poppy, not overtly heavy.  In a time where female-led music by the likes of Sarah McLachlan and Jewel are overly pretentious, syrupy and over-the-top cloying, Sour finds ways to talk sex while making your feet move. The title track, "Lollipop," pretty much says it all, with more metaphors for sex than you can shake a cucumber at. Jamie Jacobs vocals can be slightly preening at times, but never lose their charm. At her best, she pulls it all together, especially in tight harmony on Prozac Kitten.  The band is tight as a tick throughout these well-crafted alt-rock gems.  The showcase number is probably the tape closer, Hollow, which sports a closing guitar solo that sounds like it was lifted right off Pearl Jam's first album (Black, to be exact).

One would think a demo such as this would have had the labels lining up for more. Who knows? Maybe they did... and maybe we'll be seeing a full-length any day now. At any rate, Sour is a pretty sweet proposition (I had to say it). Let's hope there's more where this came from.

Contact info listed on the tape shell includes an e-mail address of: and a contact phone number of 773-772-5179.

Or check out their groovy website at:

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