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Most WoodEe Award Winners are speechless for days... literally.
But a few of them recovered from the shock long enough to comment on what winning the WoodEe means to them. Here are some of their heartfelt comments (feel free to let your emotions go. Tears cannot harm your keyboard, but holding back your feelings could harm your soul...) Feel free to contact us through either sponsor's site.
beneluxe (6/04)
wow. that's very nice. thanks! (6/04)
That's pretty damn cool! It's a great honor for a relatively new and modest music site. Thanks a lot :) (2/04)
Very Cool - Thanks for the award and recognizing my site on your site. Totally.
Conduction (1/04)
Hey, thanks for the woodE award!
Oxide Design Co. (12/03)
Ohmigod!!! I WON! I WON! I can't believe it!!! It's all I've ever wanted!!!!!! I don't know who to thank first -- I didn't prepare anything...!
J.D.GordonDesign (3/03)
I would like to thank the academy and all the little people.
No-Nothing Rock! (12/02)
First, Good name for an award, but I can usually get a woody all on my own, but this doesn't hurt. Second, I had no clue I received this award till yesterday, don't you guys notify the winners or did I dismiss it as junk mail? Third, Thanks a lot. This is the first, and possibly, the only award NNR! (No-Nothing Rock!) will ever receive. It is a great honor and privilege to get a woody... err WoodEe.
Kaliber 10000 (12/02)
Ohhh ... thanks, donovan!
Epitonic (9/02)
Dearest Tim,
First, thank you for your high praise. We suppose it's not every day that we or get awards for what we do, so you get our thanks. We are left only asking one question: what took you so long? Even Pitchfork, who we respect, didn't get the nod until July (we're not even going to ask why they got it before us). They've been around for like, 7 years -- us only 3. We're not sure what we make of it all.
Still, praise is praise. We take what we can get.
Thanks for the love.
And remember, we love you.
The Epitonic Gang
Punknews (8/02)
thanks dude, this means a lot. elmo.
Clinton Carlson (8/02)
Gosh. I'm not sure what to say. I just have this feeling that is growing inside me. I'm not sure if it is gratitude or something else. As a born and raised conservative Baptist, I wasn't sure I would like winning the woodee....but now that I have feels kind of nice. I'm grateful for the honor and recognition that the woodee awards have given me.
Thanks! I'll think of you every time I look at my woodee!
Someday Never (6/02)
It looks as if someone has decided that this site is worthy of an award, a WoodEe Award to be exact.'s Tim McMahan had the crazy notion to give somedaynever the award, and even though I am very gracious, I must say that this site is no where near as good as most of the past winners on the page. So thank you Tim and whoever else had a part in hand picking us out.
Blunt Graffix (6/02)
Thanx holms!
Camp Chaos (11/00)
Thanks, Donovan. I really really appreciate it!
Basement Life (11/00)
hey, thanks for the award. It's good to know people are paying attention to what is out there. Our first gold award is appreciated.
Art of the Mix (9/00)
Cool! Thanks... I'm speechless, literally.... (6/00)
Delusions of Adequacy (2/00)
Well, thanks much for the honor. I've seen your wood all over the place but never thought that the site I created would be recognized. It is an honor and a priviledge, I think. So, thanks. I shall bear my wood with pride.
Beam Design (2/00)
i am honored. thank you.
Cade Martin Photography (2/00)
Thanks so much for my WoodEe! What a bonus.
Lost at Sea (1/00)
Hey man. Thanks for the award, but in all seriousness - What gives? LAS winning a Silver award while Rocket Fuel, Truckfighter and Buddyhead get the Gold? Are you serious? I love Courtney and everyone at Rocket Fuel, but in two years they've put out 20 features. In ONE year LAS has put together over 40. And Truckfighter is good - Gabriel actually writes FOR Lost At Sea - but is much smaller scale. C'mon - you can't be serious. We had 40 new record reviews in our last update. C'mon!
Sean Heisler (12/99)
Wow, a Gold WoodEe award! Woohoo! I'm honored, and shocked! I'd like to thank Guadimaar Studios, Lazyeye, Donovan Beery, Tim Mcmahan and all others involved in these awards with much appreciation. I'd like to thank my parents who brought me and my wood into this world, giving me the wood and courage to create things like this, for supporting me and stroking me all my life. This long, hard metallic award will sit firmly upon a pedestal at home I can ASSure you. The tears that spew forth from my eyes hold my DEEP appreciation to have been given such a highly regarded award as this, a gold no less. Thanks again!!
Shrapnel (12/99)
"We've never been so embarrassed in all our lives." I think that pretty much sums it up.
Victor Navone (12/99)
Wow, my own WoodEe...
dahliafish (11/99)
Dear woodEe commitee-
It is with a great sense of honor that I accept the coveted woodEe award. Many of my friends and neighbors, not aware of my fame in certain circles, gaze in wonderment (and more often than not) jealousy at my trophy as it rests in it's new home on my mantle. I want you to know that I will care for (polish etc) my award as though it were an Oscar. Thanks again
SLAM Omaha (9/99)
We all our shocked and excited about receiving this award. After celebrating all week and pondering the meaning of the Golden Woodee all we can come up with is a simple: Thankyou Guadimaar studios and Lazyeye (which is also a great website). It's cool to be checked out and enjoyed.
Volume One (9/99)
The Speared Peanut (8/99)
we really appreciate it.
through the woods... (7/99)
thank you for bestowing upon me the silver WoodEe. this first award for the site will always have a special place in my heart or where ever else it ends up.
option g (7/99)
thanks for my WoodEe! I will take care of it and stroke it real good.
Bring the Rock (7/99)
This is truly a momentous day. Bring the Rock is the winner of July's Gold WoodE Award! I can't remember being more excited, except maybe when I sang lead on "Natural Woman" with Aretha and Mariah and Celine Dion on VH1's "Divas." Thanks much, Tim.
Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts (7/99)
Thanks so much. What a surprise. Bemis has a WoodEe...
Omahabands (5/99)
A special thanks to lazyeye (Tim McMahan) & the judge(s) at Guadimaar Studios for awarding Omahabands the Bronze WoodEe Award for May. When I received the news, it really popped the eyes wide open of this 61-year old. Nobody has written to tell me, but I know Omahabands could easily win the "plain-vanilla" website award with little effort. So I'm humbled to be in such select company.
It is always great to get wood. Thanks. I really appreciate it.......
Frank Herholdt (5/99)
Thank you for the news that our site has won such a fantastic prize. We are honoured. It was a beautiful moment.
Function (4/99)
the bleak skies of my week clear with joy at the very sight of the long, gold woodee. i watch the grey fade and wither in fear of the gold woodee's obvious power and ominous shape. it is a new day, and we have none but the gold woodee to thank. praise be heaped upon it's smooth metallic shaft.
Mz9000 Online Portfolio (4/99)
Area Man Recieves The Prestigious WoodEe
Lincoln, NE--Matt Morrow has been anounced as the recipient of the April WoodEe web award for general site excellence. When asked about the recent bestowing, Mr. Morrow had this to say, "This is a dream come true. Ever since I was a little kid, I knew I would be a great achiever. Now just look at me, I have this great job AND I have a WoodEe. I must be the luckiest guy in the world!" Sources indicate that becoming a WoodEe winner is not only exciting but also brings great responsibility. "Of course, I realize that being a bearer of the great WoodEe I must now act accordingly in public," added Morrow. "It's tough to be a regular joe and then go to the level of stardom that is associated with the WoodEe but I know I will try my hardest to uphold the tradition that is WoodEe." Morrow's family has gone to great lengths in order to celebrate this passage to fame and fortune. "I knew my boy would grow up to be a great man someday, and now it is that time. For my Matty, I will make the bloodiest, best, wolverine body that I've ever made," revealed Morrow's mom.
3 Day Meat Sale (4/99)
We are honored to announce that our site is the recipient of the Bronze WoodEe Award!!! This award is given to some of the most eye-catching, entertaining, and overall well-designed web sites around. Gold, silver, and bronze WoodEe Awards are given monthly by Guadimaar Studios and, and we didn't even have to sleep with anyone to get it! (Well - okay, Cudley isn't talking.)
3DMS would like to thank Guadimaar Studios, Tim McMahan and Lazyeye, the Academy, our moms, and Keri Russell.
Modest Mouse (3/99)
A Silver WoodEe?!?!? What kind of malicious prank is this? You would even dare to assume that my website does not deserve a Gold WoodEe? I'll show you! I plan on devoting the rest of my life to telling people to stay away from your website. Prepare to be shunned like you've never been shunned before! And... If anyone ever asks how I became twisted and bitter, I'll point them to you.
OK, sorry about that little episode. Seriously, thank you for the award. It may possibly be the first one I have gotten. I appreciate your recognition of my site.
Sockrider Design (3/99)
WOW I won a WoodEe!!! Kewl
Vishal Singh's Art Site (2/99)
Thank you!! I was coming in to work thinking that it was just going to be a mundane Monday but then I opened my email. Who knew that a snowy, gloomy Monday would prove to be one of THE proudest days in my life. Every artist dreams of recognition and today I stand t-a-l-l and proud with my Golden WoodEe. I would like to thank my fellow artists and my teachers who guided my artistic abilities throughout the years to achieve such lengthy success against all stiff competition. Thank you to my parents and friends for helping me reach such unmeasurable success. I would also like to congratulate Guadimaar Studios and Tim on a web award well done that I'm certain will rise above all other awards on the web today. Once again a firm thank you.

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