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Congratulations on being one of the chosen few honored with a prestigious WoodEe Award!
The WoodEe Award was developed by Eleven Nineteen Communications and as a tool for recognizing the most well-designed websites in the rock and graphic design worlds. A panel of learned judges representing some of the finest Art Schools and record labels award WoodEes based on four criteria:
  1. Eye-catching and eye-pleasing design – it's gotta be cool, dude.
  2. Fresh, exciting, useful and ever-changing content that both entertains and informs – no lame static messages or cheap-jack shill jobs.
  3. Human factors issues, such as ease of navigation, usability, page download quickness, visual recognition of links, etc. Hey, we gotta be able to get around here...
  4. Clever use of irony or cynicism – the bitterness of the site's webmaster must be both obvious and amusing.
WoodEes go to the very best of class, the crème de la crème of design/art and music websites. Remember, only 12 of these babies are awarded per year, so covet the honor as if it were real, in a position of honor... and pride. We know that our websites could never hope to meet the WoodEe standards (unless we literally threw tons of money and hours of time at them, like the losers who run these websites).
Play Fair!
Place the award (below) for your website and then do the courtesy of linking it back to the WoodEe Award main page ( Losers who would still like to link to the WoodEes can, just don't act like your a winner. We'll be policing the entire Internet to make sure that the awards are only placed on the proper websites, so don't even think about screwing us.
The WoodEe Award
The WoodEe Award
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