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Bow your heads in amazement and fear, you lowly bastards, as you look upon the list of past WoodEe Award Winners. You can only hope and pray that some day you'll have a chance to meet these super-cool people and tell them how absolutely terrific and funny they are. They may even let you pay them some money to redesign your crappy website... just ask!
Rock Sites Graphic Design/Fine Arts
2004 (6/04)
The site's name alone should win an award. An indie music 'zine with interviews, reviews and daily news boasting a global staff of contributors.
Nude as the News (2/04)
Don't ask me what the name means because I don't have the foggiest. Their catch phrase, on the other hand, makes more sense: 'Rock Writing for the Musically Obsessed.' With indie reviews, interviews, and rants, what more could you ask for?
Do Something Pretty Fanzine (1/04)
With up-to-date indie music news as well as single, album, demo and live reviews, the site gives you plenty of pretty things to look at. And if you happen to be in London, check out their Gig Guide.
beneluxe (6/04)
We make it a rule to reward anyone with Dig Dug cross-stich work on the Internet. This site deserves recognition not only on that, but on all of the reasons clicking through the pages makes your day go by better. (2/04)
For those of you who get confused browsing the Internet, fear no more – Tom personally will guide you through his fantastic site. And he explains the Mad Cow to boot.
Conduction (1/04)
Art direction and design is the only tagline we found – and why not? When your work looks like this you don't need fancy slogans. Congratulations Conduction, you have a WoodEe!
2003 (12/03)
The name says it all – all indie all the time – news, interviews, features, reviews, mp3s and editorials.
fakeDIY (3/03)
They openly dissed Lazy-i, and that in itself makes them deserved of a WoodEe Award. With a staff of dozens, they pull off decent music news, despite their site's rather wankish design.
Actionman Magazine (2/03)
If the fact that they're out of Milwaukee isn't cool enough, Actionman is loaded with tons of indie CD reviews, columns and kick-ass features. So smart are they, that I will be stealing their "Quick & Painless" style to take care of all the CDs I've yet to review.
Oxide Design Co. (12/03)
What's the point of having award winning condom packaging if you are lacking the only award that matters – a WoodEe? Well, Oxide Design Co. no longer has to have an answer for this one.
J.D.GordonDesign (3/03)
A one-stop agency for design, illustration, and the stuff in between. J.D.GordonDesign shows the "stuff" is in a site that changes enough with every click to keep you on your best behavior. (2/03)
After looking at this site for an hour or two, your life may feel slightly more complete. At the vey least, the yummy grabbag o' design goodies will be the highlight of your day at the office.
No-Nothing Rock! (12/02)
From Chicago, No-Nothing Rock!'s goal is to present to the world all the wonders and talents of those in the scene, whether those talents are through music, art, photography, writing, poetry, fiction, comics, or what have you. Not to mention recipes!
us|against|them (11/02)
Us Against Them was an indie-rock way station where drowsy surfers went to read the latest gossip and indie rock criticism. They closed shop in July 2001, but now they're back and better than ever.
Robert Christgau (10/02)
The Dean of American rock critics, Christgau's been telling it like it is since 1967. Finally, a site that compiles more than 11,000 of his capsule reviews.
Epitonic (9/02)
Their goal is to exalt the unexalted, to bring you goth, noise, electronica, techno, punk, indie rock, darkwave, no wave, jungle, hardcore, world music, and things we would dare never even classify. Lots of news and mp3 files.
Punknews (8/02)
Why? "We were all sick of seeing shitty news being plastered around the net and also articles written by people who didn't know what the fuck was going on in their world."
Pitchfork (7/02)
Probably the No. 1 indie music Web site. Since 1995 Pitchfork has been churning out four record reviews every weekday. It's about time they won a WoodEe.
Someday Never (6/02)
Formerly, Someday Never is punk music news, opinion and reviews with everything indie on its mind live from the heart of Omaha.
Kaliber 10000 (12/02)
After looking at this site for an hour or two, your life may feel slightly more complete. At the vey least, the yummy grabbag o' design goodies will be the highlight of your day at the office.
Bob Reddy (11/02)
Bob creates fine art in addition to tattoos and the two merge into fine art tattoos.
New York Noir (10/02)
An astonishing collection of both old and new black and white photography. (9/02)
MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET. The Beef Brief. follow? twnkl. What's in the trunk. Richard Nixon. Devil Cubes. A Truck Farm. Beanie Baby Showcases. Pancakey Man. Your Aunt Viv and I would both like to apologize for the incident which occured on Thanksgiving this year. Bees. Swarming buzzing bees. Tickling temperamental bees. Bees with pointy painful stingers. Only offers all of this – and they don't stop there.
Clinton Carlson (8/02)
A Seattle-based studio featuring illustrations and complete identity designs.
Gaupy & Tuff (7/02)
They're all about working for love, and we're all about sharing the love. A perfect fit for a July WoodEe.
Blunt Graffix (6/02)
The homepage says all you need to know, "Whether you need a concert poster, T-shirt design, web site, logo, or a good ass kickin – Blunt Graffix will deliver!"
Splendid (1/01)
Collective (1/01)
Gajoob (1/01)
Twice2 (1/01)
Space Moose (1/01)
Basement Life (11/00)
Kick Bright (11/00)
bombast-xxx (11/00)
Indie/Pop Live (9/00)
Art of the Mix (9/00)
Solublesound (9/00)
The Zone – Kansas City (6/00)
Aversion (6/00)
Apathy (6/00)
Take a nap (4/00)
StonerRock (4/00)
Guided by Voices (4/00)
Delusions of Adequacy (2/00)
Signal Drench (2/00)
Black Dogs and Yellow Birds (Simon Joyner) (2/00)
Lost at Sea (1/00) (1/00)
USounds (1/00)
Camp Chaos (11/00)
Burning Flag Press (11/00)
Digital Blasphemy (11/00)
Brian Osborn (9/00)
Diebner Illustration (9/00)
Anti-Hero Art (9/00)
House Industries (6/00) (6/00)
Slave Labor Graphics (6/00)
Stan Lee Net (4/00)
Eputech Web Design (4/00)
Artists' Cooperative Gallery (4/00)
Beam Design (2/00)
Cade Martin Photography (2/00)
Wacky Packages Stickers (2/00)
razorfish (1/00) (1/00)
Painted Light Stained Glass (1/00)
Truckfighter (12/99)
HeldLikeSound (12/99)
Shrapnel (12/99)
Buddyhead (11/99)
Emo Pussies (11/99)
A Different Kind of Greatness (11/99)
SLAM Omaha (9/99)
Follow Me Around – Radiohead (9/99)
Wipe Your Eyes and Face the Day (9/99)
Rocket Fuel (8/99)
This Week in Indie (8/99)
One Hip Jim (8/99)
Bring the Rock (7/99)
through the woods... (7/99)
Jimmy Skaffa (7/99)
Pillowfight (6/99)
Deterrent DIY Tour Guide (6/99)
Antihero (6/99)
The Red House Painters (5/99)
Swizzlestick (5/99)
Omahabands (5/99) (4/99)
311 Home Page (4/99)
3 Day Meat Sale (4/99)
KISS Asylum (3/99)
Modest Mouse (3/99)
Silkworm (3/99) (2/99)
File Under R.E.M. (2/99)
The Notwist (2/99)
Sean Heisler (12/99)
Victor Navone (12/99)
Man's Ruin (12/99)
dahliafish (11/99)
James Paterson (11/99)
Hempsterdance (11/99)
Margo Chase Design (9/99)
Volume One (9/99)
The Chank Company (9/99)
The Speared Peanut (8/99)
Bret Gottschall Fine Art (8/99)
Dave McKean (8/99)
option g (7/99)
Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts (7/99)
Brian Nickum (7/99)
Kristian Russell: Ghetto Design (6/99) (6/99)
John Stanko (6/99)
Jumping Jesus (5/99)
Frank Herholdt (5/99)
Function (4/99)
Mz9000 Online Portfolio (4/99)
Gilstrap | Jesus of the Week (4/99)
Sockrider Design (3/99)
Corn Golem Press (Poetry, Prose) (3/99)
ginsun designs (3/99)
Vishal Singh's Art Site (2/99)
Lost America Photography (2/99)
Bad (2/99)

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