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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Luke Temple interview online; Maria Taylor tonight

I just placed an interview/profile of singer/songwriter Luke Temple online (read it here). He talks about his origins as a musician, his music, etc. I mentioned to Temple that even though so far on his tour he might have only played for small crowds to expect a SRO attendance at his O'Leaver's show Saturday. "Yeah, I've been told that," he said, already aware that Tim Kasher was the opening act. Seems Kasher is pals with some of the guys from The End of the World, Temple's co-headliner/touring band.

Tonight's main attraction is Maria Taylor (Azure Ray), Steve Bartolomei and Dan McCarthy at The Goofy Foot (10th & Pacific). If I go, I'll give a rundown on the whole place in tomorrow's review. But there's a good chance I won't make it down there tonight. The Todd Solondz film Palindromes his having a special showing tonight at The Dundee Theater with Solondz in attendance answering questions following the screening. It's only $5, but I don't know if you can buy advance tickets (and knowing the dark themes in the film, if you'd need to, anyway). Then there's Mike Tulis' monthly Movie at O'Leaver's night tonight, featuring We're All Devo. Read about the film and event here.

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posted by Tim at 10:41 AM

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