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Friday, May 06, 2005

Wha' happened? Fizzle tonight...

So I'm told my name was bantered about from on stage at last night's Tegan & Sara show. And I received a rather long letter from Sara (or someone claiming that she's Sara, you know how the Internet is), who wasn't very pleased with Column 24 (below this entry). Other tasks and health-related issues (I'm getting better, thank you) kept me from the show. Now I'm sorry I didn't go. I've been name-checked from the stage a number of times, half the time from angry bands who didn't like something I've written (Brother Ali is one angry example). It's generally a hoot.

So what've we got for tonight and this weekend? Well Fizzle Like a Flood will be in the house at Ted & Wally's, opening for the ubiquitous Poison Control Center. I'm told Mr. Fizzle's new band is rather scorching. $3, 11 p.m. (late, because they want the kiddies to finish dessert).

Also tonight, metal giants Bloodcow are at O'Leaver's, who just updated their sexy website. The bad news is they only have four shows booked for the month of May.

Tomorrow night it's our old friends Bad Luck Charm at The 49'r. I haven't seen Mr. Wolf and the boys in many moons. $3, 9:30.

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posted by Tim at 6:33 AM

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