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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Enon goes to the market; a plethera of shows tonight

My interview with John Schmersal of Enon went online this morning (read it here). John talks about the band's new b-sides compilation, finding a new member, all kinds of swell stuff. Not a lot of out-takes. He did say one of the cool things about living in Philly (he just moved from NYC) was that going to shows is less of a hassle. He much prefers being in a crowd of 100 where he can chat with the person next to him than being in a mob of 1,000 where he can't hear himself think. "I'm from the Midwest, I like the idea that I can be a little more active somehow if the scene is smaller," he also said. "In New York, there's so much stuff going on and it all has to do with money; you don't have the time or enough of a reason or angle to be involved in a lot of things." Enon plays at Sokol Underground Monday with Thunderbirds Are Now! and legendary Omaha band (which I have yet to see/hear) The Stay Awake.

What about tonight? There are actually three shows all at once. You got Ladyfinger, Mountain High and Coyote at O'Leaver's. You got The Fags, Lovetap and The Goddamn Rights at Shea Riley's. And then there's Unwed Sailor (Johnathon Ford from Pedro the Lion and Decahedron) with The Atlas at Ted & Wally's. I hope to be at one of the three.

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posted by Tim at 5:21 AM

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