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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tonight: Compost reunion at Mick's; Criteria at O'Leaver's

The headline says it all. As mentioned Tuesday, Compost is/was singer/songwriter Todd Grant, guitarist Matt Rutledge (The Third Men, The Sons of...), bassist Mike Fratt (Goodbye, Sunday) and drummer Mark Quinn. Mick's website is now calling it an "acoustic reunion." Compost will play second. The headliner is former Gladhands/Fifth of May frontman Jeff Carlson's new band Sonata Form (which also includes Quinn). Opener is Bunny Geist. $5, 9 p.m. For what it's worth, Grant left a message on my voicemail saying this will be his last performance.

Meanwhile, Criteria is playing a free show at O'Leaver's. I'm not sure why it's free, since they could pack the place at $5 a head. Guess they figure they'll be making enough dough on their upcoming Euro-America tour, and that this would be a fine way to give back to their Omaha friends. No opening acts. O'Leaver's has said this will be an SRO event -- no seating. That means if you're not standing up by the stage, you won't see a thing. Perhaps they'll move the band to a different area of the bar, but I highly doubt it. It should be a crush scene. I'll be at one (or maybe both) shows.

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posted by Tim at 5:25 AM

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