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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

One Mummy Case and pizza…; The Fruit Bats

Not a lot to report from the weekend past. The only show I attended was One Mummy Case at The Pizza Shoppe in Benson on Sunday night. It was a nice turnout and good music (not to mention good pizza). Like I mentioned in an earlier review, these guys are the next generation of Omaha singer/songwriters (the youngest member is 15). It's the band that Creek begot, so to speak, and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. The Pizza Shoppe isn't a bad place to see a show, except that they made the band turn it down after their first song. I guess there are people living upstairs. That'll put a damper on things.

Look for a new interview with Matt Whipkey in Lazy-i tomorrow morning as he prepares for his CD release show at Shag this Sunday…

***CD Review***

The Fruit Bats, Spelled in Bones (Sub Pop) -- More than a mere Elephant 6 retro rehash but still in the same category of Sub Pop soothers as The Shins. Sub Pop is riding this psychedelic throwback rock craze for all it's worth. The Fruit Bats fit the bill. It's trippy stuff with '60s keys and a style that reminds me of Cat Stevens ("Traveler's Song") but without Cat's wrenching personal take. I like it, though I think the arrangements are a bit too heavy handed at times. I would have preferred a more stripped-down approach, but that ain't their style. Rating: Yes.

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posted by Tim at 5:33 AM

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