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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Watching them dig a Slowdown hole; Ladyfinger tonight in Papillion

I e-mailed Jason Kulbel the day I noticed the heavy-moving equipment touch down at the Slowdown site, figuring he would regale me with stories of a fireworks-laden ribbon-cutting ceremony, tales of how he and Robb Nansel and Rachel Jacobson -- decked out in business suits and hardhats (with their names printed on them) --grinned as they pushed their gold-painted shovels into the half-frozen November soil while a small crowd of poorly dressed Creek staffers and well-dressed Kutak Rock "friends" clapped with enthusiasm. Maybe Robb made a speech in his usual acerbic style that captured the moment in everyone's hearts, the totality of which was "Thanks for coming" and a half-wave. On hand for the occasion, of course, would be Mayor Mike Fahey with his usual leprechaun grin, strongly shaking the Creek crew's hands, their arms waving like wet noodles. "I just love you goddamned kids! But tell me, why Slowdown? I figured you'd want something more up-tempo, like The Rock House or Shakers or something like that." Robb would quietly reply with, "Well, we thought about those names and all the other ones you e-mailed us, Mr. Mayor, but Slowdown... well... it would take too long to explain..." Fahey's face would remain a frozen grin as he moved on to talk about the real meaning of Election with Alexander Payne...

Instead, Jason replied to my e-mail with: "we wanted to have an official groundbreaking ceremony but nansel lost all of the shovels. no, there was nothing official. a lot of people told us we should have one, but it seemed a bit over the top. we're just happy to finally see something happening down there." (Note the lack of capital letters -- this is a Saddle Creek correspondence trait, reflecting how the writer is way too fatigued to push the Caps key.) I'm sure Fahey was disappointed. I know how much he likes to wear a hardhat. Anyway, they tore out the sidewalk along the west side of the property yesterday, and steamshovels (or whatever they're called) are eagerly digging away at some sort of foundation. It won't be long now.

Noteworthy show tonight: Ladyfinger at The Rock (now there's a cool club name) in Papillion along with The Atlas and emo bands Renee Heartfelt and Leaving Lafayette. $7, 8 p.m. Ladyfinger is probably playing early...

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posted by Tim at 5:30 AM

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