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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

O'Leaver's online; Roeder to Wichita; Kasher and Fackler at Sundance; GLAAD Loves Conor

No update yesterday because I was too busy writing this week's column, which will (most likely) be online tomorrow. Local promoter and boy genius MarQ Manner says the the new O'Leaver's MySpace is completely updated, with 29 shows listed. That said, somehow MarQ didn't list this Saturday's show featuring The Third Men, Tomato a Day and Anonymous American. But it's a little early to start talking about next weekend when I'm still recovering from last weekend.

A glance at Mick's schedule shows that The Song Show is tonight with Kyle Harvey and Reagan Roeder (The Ointments). Reagan told me last Friday night that he's moving to Wichita sometime this week. Apparently his girlfriend got a new job out there. Regardless, you'll still be seeing and hearing from Mr. Roeder and The Ointments on a semi-regular basis.

In other news (and there's not much of it today), while digging through information about the Sundance Film Festival I ran across this item -- scroll down to the Jan. 24 (4 p.m.) entry and you'll see a listing for a "musically inspired reading" by Tim Kasher and Nik Fackler of their "collaborative film" Lovely Still. It goes on: "Recently, Kasher adapted his gift for narration to suit the big screen with his screenplay Help Wanted Nights for which he has written the accompanying soundtrack." Is someone trolling for financing? Better yet, how does one get a copy of the scripts?

MTV online is reporting that Mr. Oberst is being honored in April by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, during the organization's annual Media Awards. "GLAAD picked Bright Eyes as the recipient of its Special Recognition Award; actor/director John Cameron Mitchell, who helmed the band's video for 'First Day of My Life,' will share the honor," MTV says. "The video features straight and gay couples sitting on a couch, listening to the track for the first time. The GLAAD Media Awards will air on Logo on April 15 and VH1 on April 16."

That's it for now...

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posted by Tim at 5:29 AM

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