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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kasher talks new albums in Pitchfork...

The fun folks over at Pitchfork posted a nice little interview with Tim Kasher yesterday, where he talks about the upcoming Cursive album and mentions that a Good Life album also is in the works (read it here). Titled Happy Hollow (well, at least us Omaha folks got the joke), the new Cursive disc apparently will be rife with horns. Sounds like fun to me. Hmm... let's see... Saddle Creek, Happy Hollow, can Bob Boozer Drive be far off? How 'bout L St.?

The Pitchfork piece also mentions the upcoming Cursive split with The Cops, which Cops frontman and Mt. Fuji Records executive Mike Jaworski mentioned during an interview we did last week for a column about his label that will be online here tomorrow. See you then...

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posted by Tim at 5:00 AM

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