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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live Review: Son, Ambulance; SXSW schedules; UUVVWWZ, Chinese Stars tonight...

The final SXSW warm-up show was last night at O'Leaver's featuring a new line-up for Son, Ambulance. Joe Knapp and his brother, Daniel, still anchor the band. Joining them were original drummer Jeff Koster, singer Jenna Morrison, a guy from the Jazzwholes on saxophone/guitar/keyboards/bells/vocals (he was doing everything, and doing it all quite well), and Dereck Higgins. Higgins is like, well, you remember when you played a pick-up game of flag football and there was that guy on the other team who kicked everyone's ass? You called that person a "ringer." And Higgins, who played bass and some guitar, is the ringer on Son, Ambulance. You get the sense that he could step into just about any band and make everything that much better. Joe said the crew had only been together for two weeks, feverishly learning the songs to be performed this week in Austin. Song-writing wise, it was the best set I've seen from him. Joe appears to be channeling Elvis Costello these days both vocally and musically (he's an absolute dead ringer on a couple numbers). Other times the band took off on trippy psychedelic tangents a la Pink Floyd. Yeah, there were a few glitches, but what did you expect? The real question is how these songs sound on the new record. We'll have to wait and see.

Saddle Creek Records sent out their lineup for SXSW yesterday. Here's the run-down for those of you not on their e-mail list.

The official Saddle Creek showcase at SXSW is set for Saturday, March 15, at Dirty Dog. The order:

8 PM - Son, Ambulance
9 PM - Ladyfinger (NE)
10 PM - Georgie James (acoustic duo)
11 PM - Neva Dinova
12 AM - Two Gallants
1 AM - Tokyo Police Club

Creek also is involved in another showcase Thursday, March 13 , with The Onion at Emo's and Emo's Jr.:

Inside Stage:
12:05 - Ladyfinger (NE)
1:00 - Son, Ambulance
2:40 - Neva Dinova
5:10 - Georgie James (acoustic duo)

Outside Stage:
4:20 - Tokyo Police Club

Meanwhile Team Love artists are also hitting 6th St.:

Capgun Coup
03.13 Austin, TX Sonny's Vintage 2928 Guadeloupe @ 5:30
03.14 Austin, TX Calle Habana 6 709 E 6th St @ 9:30

Flowers Forever
03.14 Austin, TX Calle Habana 6 709 E 6th St @ 9:00

McCarthy Trenching
03.14 Austin, TX Calle Habana 6 709 E 6th St @ 8:30

Tilly & the Wall
03.14 Austin, TX Calle Habana 6 709 E 6th St @ 1:00 AM

And The Show Is the Rainbow is playing no less than seven different gigs at SXSW. Check out his myspace for the schedule.

* * *

Tonight at the all-holy Brothers Lounge, 38th and Farnum, it's a rare live show featuring UUVVWWZ, Plack Blague and headliner The Chinese Stars. 9 p.m., $5. Go.

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posted by Tim at 10:50 AM

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