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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Matador's Cosloy loves Box Elders; Pitchfork top-50...

The holidays, they're killing me…

I didn’t go to either of the two Faint shows this past weekend. Part of the reason has to do with confusion regarding "the lists." I originally was told by their publicist that I would be on the list for Saturday night, and then a few days before the show, the publicist e-mailed to say that they "had the tickets cut for the show." (Suspicious… but they assured me it had nothing to do with The Faint column). I could have bought tickets for Saturday night, of course, but I just saw The Faint play at Sokol in August, and from what I've read review-wise, it was essentially the same show. The only difference was the opening bands -- Capgun Coup and Son Ambulance -- both of which I've seen plenty of times. Friday night was the real draw, The Show Is the Rainbow -- who I haven't seen in more than a year. But it was sold out weeks ago.

Now, if The Faint had played at Slowdown, I would have gladly spent $25 for a ticket the second they went on sale. Time to move out of the Sokol cattle barn, boys.

* * *

Every year, Matador Records compiles lists from all of its bands and staff and sends them out via an e-mail. The one list that I pay particularly close attention to is by Gerard Cosloy, who started Matador with Chris Lombardi in 1990. Over the years, I've discovered a lot of new bands by reading Cosloy's lists. Well, what was mentioned in Cosloy's list this year but Box Elders' "Hole In My Head" 7-inch on Grotto. I can't remember any Omaha band ever being mentioned by Cosloy before -- in my opinion, it's a huge honor.

For your reading enjoyment, here's Cosloy's list:

Prisonshake - Dirty Moons (Scat)
The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me (Domino/City Slang)
Endless Boogie - Focus Level (No Quarter)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (Anti/Mute)
The Distant Seconds <> - Spectral Evidence (Sweetheart Contract)
Fennesz - The Black Sea (Touch)
Jesu - Why Are We Not Perfect? EP (Hydra Head)
18th Dye - Amorine Queen (Crunchy Frog)
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men - s/t (Douchemaster)
The New Year - The New Year (Touch & Go)
Cheap Time - s/t (In The Red)
Steinski - What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 (Illegal Art)
Jarboe & Justin Broadrick - J2 (The End)
Retribution Gospel Choir - s/t (Calo Verde)
The Busy Signals - s/t (Dirtnap)
The Young - "Get Out Of My Face" 4 song 7" (Supersecret)
Rock City SIxteen - Lunette Noires Nuits Blanches 7" (Cigarette Music)
Box Elders - "Hole In My Head" 7" (Grotto)
V/A - Messthetics Greatest Hiss, Vol. 1 (Hyped 2 Death)

Those who want to keep up with Cosloy, check out his (mostly sports-related) blog --

* * *

Speaking of lists, Pitchfork posted its 50 "best albums of the year" list on their site a couple days ago (here). No. 1 was Fleet Foxes Sun Giant EP, followed by Portishead, Third and No Age, Nouns. Not surprisingly, no Saddle Creek or Team Love releases made the list . Boo-hoo…

By the way, the Lazy-i top-10 list went to press and will be published in The Reader next week, but you'll get a sneak preview here, along with the rest of the Year in Review (which includes best shows of the year) in the coming days, along with details about how you can win a copy of the Lazy-i Best of 2008 compilation CD (that's right, it's back).

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posted by Tim at 10:48 AM

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