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Friday, March 18, 2005

LOW tonight at Sokol Underground with The Mariannes, Kid Dakota

Tonight's Low gig at Sokol Underground should be something special. It's the band's opening show on this tour. "We've got some family coming down from South Dakota," Mimi said during our interview last week. I asked her what we could expect. Will it be the same sort of performance as the last time they came through? "For the most part," she said. "We're gonna be playing the new songs, which will add a new element to it. It's just us three. At one point we go acoustic. Zak pulls out an acoustic guitar. It's a break in the middle of the set."

Low is one of those bands that historically hasn't drawn well in Omaha -- only 130 in Feb 2003 (here's the review w/pics). I can't understand why. Maybe it's the lack of radio support or that fact that the band had a reputation for playing dark, hushed sets. Tonight's Low show will be anything but a downer, and for those who choose to miss this, it's their loss.

Opening the show is Omaha favorites The Mariannes and Kid Dakota, a band that's on the record label owned by Low, Chairkickers. As you would expect, Kid Dakota's music has a similar slow, quiet yet powerful sound, like a storm brewing on the horizon. Check out this song from the Chairkickers' site. See you tonight.

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posted by Tim at 7:04 AM

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