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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Silkworm's Michael Dahlquist killed; The Brunettes

Whenever anyone asks me what bands I'd like to see come through Omaha, the list is pretty small: Red House Painters/Mark Kozelek, Yo La Tengo, and my favorite of all, Silkworm. I was never able to get anyone interested in bringing Silkworm to Omaha, probably because for whatever reason, they're virtually unknown here (even though they once played The Cog Factory (which I missed)). Now it'll probably never happen. Silkworm drummer Michael Dahlquist was killed in a car accident July 14 in Niles, Ill. According to a post from group member Tim Midgett on the band's official Web site, two other people in the car with Dahlquist were also killed. "They were behind a car at a light," Midgett wrote. "A young woman, bent on doing injury to herself, ran into the back of the car at a high rate of speed. Evidently, all three guys were killed instantly." Now is reporting that the woman who caused the accident was allegedly suicidal, and is being accused of deliberately causing a high-speed crash. Sad news indeed.

Look for an interview with The Show Is the Rainbow online here tomorrow.

***CD Review***

The Brunettes -- Mars Loves Venus (Lil Chief) -- Sweet-as-candy boy-and-girl indie pop songs by way of New Zealand that bear more than a slight resemblance to Tilly and the Wall or Tegan and Sarah (this generation's K Records/twee pop). These naive love songs with deceptively simple arrangements (don't be fooled) could be the soundtrack to your own personal Summer of Love... if you're 15. Brass, tinny guitars and a sweater full of la-la's provide that trendy, retro feel though there's more to it in a snarling '60s sort of way. Just enough garage to remind me of Elvis C's first album, and that's a good thing. Rating: Yes.

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posted by Tim at 5:36 AM

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