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Monday, July 25, 2005

Von Bondies, Philharmonic, Morningwood tonight; The Keep Aways

Well, late on today's blog entry because I was busy putting together an interview with Maria Taylor that'll be online Wednesday, not to mention a column about rock in Russia that'll go online Thursday. Busy busy busy. Just like 1 Percent Productions, which has a big show tonight with Von Bondies at Sokol Underground. If I go, I'll be getting there early (9 p.m.) to see Philharmonic on a big stage (worth the $10 by itself). One Percent just sent out its latest update that includes announcements of a second Faint show Aug. 16 with Orenda Fink and The Mariannes opening. Then there's Sleater-Kinney Oct. 12, booked down in the Underground. Methinks it'll have to be moved upstairs.

***CD Review***

The Keep Aways, self-titled (Chair Kickers) -- Like Belly or The Muffs meets Joan Jett, this screeching Duluth-based girl-powered punk has the tooth-numbing guitar work to make it rock, and rock it does. The blazing chop guitar is a syncopated wall of fuzzy noise. "Standards" starts fast and just goes faster. "Hey Song" is the Joan Jett anthem she never made, clocking in at under 2 minutes. In fact, none of these go far past 3, which is as it should be. Rating: Yes.

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posted by Tim at 11:25 AM

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