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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Anonymous American interview; The Terminals tonight

Just placed online, a profile of Anonymous American via an interview with Matt Whipkey (read it here), which is appropriate because the new EP for which they'll be hosting a CD release party at Shag Sunday is credited as "Anonymous American / Matt Whipkey" -- a combo of band and solo stuff, all on one disc. There was a ton of information that didn't make it into this story because of the space limitations placed by The Reader. Stuff about what the songs are about (mostly an old girlfriend and the breakup); that the band doesn't like the "alt-country" label ("It carries the same weight as the term 'indie.' Everyone has their own idea what it means, but you don't really know. Anyone would get frustrated with being labeled"); their plans to line up a distro deal ("My goal is to sell 1,000 CDs; that should be enough to lure a distributor") and the possibility of major labels ("I'm not going to quit chasing them"). And then there was Whipkey's comments about gas prices and touring, which you'll read tomorrow as I used them in this week's column about gas prices and touring.

Tonight's show de jour is The Terminals and Plastic Letters at O'Leaver's. It should make for a night of hard, fast punk-ified fun. 9:30, $5.

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posted by Tim at 5:32 AM

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