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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Milemarker tonight

As I type this, it's -7 outside. But never fear those of you who are considering venturing out to see Milemarker tonight at O'Leaver's. Forecast calls for the temperature to rise dramatically to at least 7, which, admittedly, is sweater weather. Opening is Louisville screamo band Lords, whose music combines fast metal riffs with vocals that are only slightly better than your typical hardcore screamer (At least vocalist Chris Owens doesn't sound like the Cookie Monster). Lords are on tour supporting Swords, their new release on Jade Tree Records. Note: This one is $6 (not the usual $5). Starts at 9:30. If it wasn't so bleedin' cold I'd predict a good-sized crowd as Milemarker has ties to a lot of Omaha bands (many on Saddle Creek).

Look for this week's column online tomorrow -- One Percent Productions looks back at their "10 most important shows" on the eve of their 500th show Thursday night.

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posted by Tim at 5:21 AM

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