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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday night live...

There is a plethora of shows tonight. I'll start off with the one I'll likely be at: Dave Dondero, Nik Fackler and The Dead Bird at O'Leaver's. Dondero is the headliner, while The Dead Bird -- Derek Pressnall and Nick White from Tilly and the Wall -- will open the show. Sandwiched in between those two bands is a new band fronted by local filmmaker Nik Fackler with Dereck Higgins and Nick White. I suspect that this show will be unbelievably packed if only due to its innate hipster factor. Dondero and Tilly are both on Team Love, which means the Creek contingent will be in the house. One could argue that this should have been held in a larger (all ages) venue. $6, 9:30.

Meanwhile, down at Sokol Underground it's Minnesota's The Stnnng (pronounced "The Stunning"), Ladyfinger and The Stay Awake. The Stnnng are arty, proggy punk; they sort of remind me of Dismemberment Plan but not nearly as tuneful. $7, 9 p.m. Then there's Bad Luck Charm and Escaping Sobriety at The '49r. $6, 10 p.m. And Brad Hoshaw and Adam Weaver at Mick's, $5 9 p.m. Find a show and go.

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posted by Tim at 7:41 AM

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