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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year, random bullets...

I stayed home last night and watched stroke victim Dick Clark count in the New Year in a warbly voice while a few million tons of munitions exploded in and around my neighborhood. There's something about New Year's Eve that prompts people to take up arms and shoot them in the air. I remember watching my big brother do this a hundred years ago, back when I lived with my folks. I stood off to the side, watching flames shoot out the barrel of his handgun, knowing that whatever comes up must comes down. Where were all those bullets landing? Could one return to earth and lodge itself in my tiny little head? And what about those hundreds of other revelers who were taking advantage of this one day a year when they can proudly take out their guns and squeeze off a half-dozen shots? Should I be standing under a tree? So far I've managed to avoid all the random bullets. Hopefully, you have, too. So as we enter the new year, let me take this moment to thank all of you for reading Lazy-i. More to come...

If you're home reading this now, perhaps doctoring a hangover, why not take a moment to enter my drawing to win a copy of the Lazy-i Best of 2005 Compilation CD? Just lift your weary fingers and type an e-mail to me ( with your name and mailing address and you'll be dropped into the hat. Tracks include songs by Of Montreal, Eagle*Seagull, Iron & Wine, Mercy Rule, Teenage Fanclub, Okkervil River, Sufjan Stevens, Maria Taylor, Orenda Fink and more. Oh my, how can you not enter? Details and track order are right here. Enter right now! Deadline is January 16.

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posted by Tim at 9:15 AM

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