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Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekend Ho!

This will be sort of a stream-of-consciousness entry as I only have 10 minutes to write it. There's actually quite a few shows to mention going on this weekend (three to be exact):

Brian Poloncic wrote to tell that Tomato A Day is playing tonight at Shea Riley's, 320 So. 72nd. St. In addition to Brian, the band features Dude Wyoming on bass and Doug Wray on drums (former drummer Abigail Fishel apparently moved to Cleveland yesterday). Also on the fight card is Mourning At Sea (formerly Orions Belt) and The Sleeper Hits. No idea on the price.

Also tonight, Anonymous American is gigging out at The Redeye Tavern on 84th and Center. I used to drink there years and years ago. I think this may be their first foray in original music, so go out there and support, people.

The crown jewel of shows this weekend is The Third Men with Virgasound and Cruisin' Rosie at Sokol Underground Saturday night. In these dark days of winter, we could all use The Third Men's brand of warm, sunshiny West Coast rock to brighten our lives. Virgasound, on the other hand, is an angry shove of cocky, brute force (very cocky). I'm in the dark about Cruisn' Rosie, however (Mile T, give it up on the webboard, please). $7, 9 p.m.

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posted by Tim at 5:22 AM

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