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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Assorted headlines...; Lismore

Not much going on, and no shows tonight. A quick glance at the web: Here's a piece from Pitchfork about the futility of releasing albums that uses Bright Eyes as an example. Interesting quote: "Keep someone plugged in and happy, and they're yours. But let them lie, and they'll start to wonder: whatever happened to you, anyway? Did you move back to Omaha or something?" Here's a nice Maria Taylor piece that you could think of as a preview for my Maria Taylor piece that runs in Lazy-i tomorrow. Interesting quote: "She and Oberst are also both fiercely loyal to their Saddle Creek family, which Taylor notes is becoming increasingly attacked by haters." It does? Roger Waters has a new opera and he's performing in in NYC (read). "The 61-year-old songwriter told the US audience Ca Ira was 'sort of reiterating The Wall,' Pink Floyd's seminal album, with its themes of 'powerlessness in the face of loss.'" You can hear the whole thing next year... in Rome.

***CD Review***

Lismore, We Could Connect or We Could Not (Cult Hero) -- Great programming, great low-fi electronics; cold, uninteresting songs sung by a woman with a voice of an adenoidal robot. Sort of a limp Postal Service meets Gerty or Hooverphonic, but without their melodies or direction. Repetitive. Rating: No.

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posted by Tim at 5:35 AM

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