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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Headlines; Aqualung tonight

No update yesterday (there rarely is one on Mondays anymore) because I was feverishly finishing a feature on The Pomonas, which will be online tomorrow, and a grab-bag column for Thursday. I hear from Mr. Whipkey of Anonymous American that his gig at Shag did well and he moved 50 copies of his AA/Whipkey split. Not bad. That said, here are a few interesting headlines/stories from the 'net:

Brainy 'geek rock' is posting smart sales numbers -- New York Daily News -- There's no question that indie rock needs a different name other than "indie rock," but I don't think "geek rock" or "dweeb rock" is it. Bright Eyes is mentioned, of course. Pompous quote from SPIN editor Doug Brod, who calls where-are-they-now star Chris Cornell "larger than life": "Frankly, these guys are nerds in sweaters and polyester pants who sing sensitive songs. That can only take you so far."

Onion's A.V. Club gives Criteria a "buy it" rating -- For whatever reason, Criteria is now being compared to Foo Fighters in reviews and interviews, a comparison that I don't get.

For example, here's one from U of Missouri-Columbia's Maneater, except it's actually Criteria's Stephen Pedersen making the comparison. "We get a lot of people saying that we sound like the Foo Fighters, too," Pedersen said. "I don't really listen to much of their stuff. I just hear it on the radio. They're a great band though, and we get compared to them sometimes." Don't encourage them, Steph-o.

311's SA Martinez makes an off-hand remark about the Omaha music scene in this story from The Oklahoma Daily. The writer asks "How has it been being one of the bands that has really gotten a scene going?" referring to the Omaha scene. "It's gone in cycles. When we were coming out, there was a scene goin' on in early '90s—late '80s. Now there's a new independent music scene centered around people like The Faint. It's like every town. Scenes come and go. They're the bee's knees, you know? To each his own." Not sure what that means...

Tonight's show of note: Aqualung with The Perishers and Tracy Bonham at Sokol Underground. Aqualung has been herded into the Radiohead/Coldplay category. I think they sound something closer to a quiet Ben Folds, but who knows? The Perishers are equally laid back. $12, 8 p.m.

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posted by Tim at 5:00 AM

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