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Friday, July 29, 2005

Maria Taylor/Statistics tonight; the weekend glance

Tonight at Sokol Underground, Maria Taylor and Statistics with Taylor Hollingsworth. We know about Maria and Denver, but Hollingsworth is a mystery. Apparently he's a southern boy who lives down in Birmingham, which might explain the Maria connection. His new CD, Tragic City on Brash, is somewhat straightforward rock a la Teenage Fanclub or Matthew Sweet sung in pure nasal by a kid who, judging by the photos, looks like he's about 17. Very tuneful, very hooky. The show starts at 9 and will cost you $8. This is the last date on this tour, so expect some surprises as well as a sizable crowd of friends welcoming back their conquering heroes.

Tomorrow night Fromanhole takes the O'Leaver's stage once again with touring bands Billing, Montana's 1090 Club, Des Moines' The Autumn Project and San Diego's Tenebre. $5, 9:30. And that's about it for the weekend. No shows on Sunday this week. Get some rest.

***CD Review***

The Stepford Five, A New Design for Living (Reverbose) -- Typical by-the-numbers jangular indie rock by a Columbus, Ohio, four-piece, complete with chiming guitars (good) and limp, uninspired vocals (not good). The brooding "Getaway Car" is the best of the bunch, but it's only 95 seconds long. In the end, we've heard this all before. Rating: No.

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posted by Tim at 5:19 AM

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