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Friday, September 23, 2005

It's a Lincoln Calling weekend...

Of course the most notable event this weekend is Lincoln Calling. Two marquee shows tonight: Neva Dinova, Tilly and the Wall, Dave Dondero and Orenda Fink at Knickerbockers; Ladyfinger, Bombardment Society and Ideal Cleaners at Duggan's (The Stay Away is staying away, apparently). As far as I can tell, there are no individual ticket prices listed on the Lincoln Calling site, I guess as an incentive to buy the $20 all-access weekend pass, available at Homer's in the Old Market.

If you're staying in Omaha tonight, check out Landing on the Moon (Oliver Morgan of Little Brazil and his wife, Megan, among others), Kite Pilot and Mariannes at O'Leaver's. $5, 9:30 p.m.

Tomorrow's marquee Lincoln Calling event: The Prids, For Against and Eagle Seagull at Duffy's. If I go to one show surrounding this event, it'll be this one, though I fear it'll be so packed in Duffy's that I won't be able to get in. No idea what the ticket price is, and there's nothing listed on the Duffy's site, though I'm told no show will exceed $10.

Sunday's Lincoln Calling main attraction: Little Brazil, Her Flyaway Manner and Life After Laserdisque at Duffy's with an unannounced opening set by Landing on the Moon. Nice. A few blocks away Anonymous American is playing at Duggan's. Again, the full Lincoln Calling schedule is here. They've also added some film events and a rock poster show (discussed here).

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posted by Tim at 5:31 AM

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