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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Pomonas feature o' the week

Just placed online, a nice story about a nice little band from Lawrence called The Pomonas (read it here). I saw these guys last winter at O'Leaver's and was knocked out by their sloppy-yet-fun set, so much so that I told them afterward if they ever come through town again, let me know and we'll do some press. Well here they come, this Saturday at O'Leaver's with Fizzle Like a Flood and The Ointments. Among the stuff that didn't make it into the article are comments about making of their EP, Jubilation, specifically the part about how it was recorded in 24 hours in the all-analog studio run by Tom Wagner of rock band Conner. "It was recorded on the same reel-to-reel machine that was used to record Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers album," said guitarist Andy Gassaway. "Tom collects vintage recording equipment." The band recently acquired a practice space where they'll record their next CD using conventional digital equipment -- i.e., a computer and some microphones. "The sound quality won't be what the EP was," Gassaway said. "We all dig low-fi recordings. We really latched onto Guided by Voices." He said the band loves Omaha, even though they didn't like their performance the last time they were here. "Afterward we got invited to this fun house party. The next day we ate at this burger place called Big Daddy's." Big Daddy's? What the hell is Big Daddy's?

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posted by Tim at 5:20 AM

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