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Friday, September 16, 2005

Live Review: FFA, Danny Pound, Arthur Dodge; weekend "happenings"...

This is a briefer-than-normal review, mainly because I'm running late (not because of the quality of bands). There were a good 50 or 60 on hand at O'Leaver's last night (which equates to SRO), surprising considering that The Vibrators/Bad Luck Charm was going on over at The 49'r. Fine, Fine Automobiles a.k.a. Landon Hedges was backed by a band (at one time referred to from stage as The Decepticons). Kyle Harvey was among them, and they changed the complexion of Hedges' usually sweet, withdrawn, personal acoustic songs to laid-back rock ditties that perfectly complimented the other bands on the bill. With the band, the songs were fleshed out, and FFA could be the The Good Life to Little Brazil's Cursive, which would be somewhat ironic for those of you that know Landon's history. Afterward, Hedges said he only recently threw the players together; that they only had practiced a couple times. And that he plans on swapping them out for another band in sort of a rotating fashion. Kite Pilot, for example, might back him next time; Someday Stories the time after that, etc., constantly providing a new interpretation of songs from band to band -- I guess sort of like Bright Eyes, which would be somewhat ironic for those of you that know the history…

Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers were up next. Dodge is a grizzled veteran and sounds like one, with a voice like a Midwestern Randy Newman singing bluesy, Dylan-y rock songs that demand your attention -- attention I couldn't give them from my perch at the bar, boxed in behind a wall of people ordering drinks. I should have stood up, but there was nowhere to stand up. I should have bought a CD cuz I can tell I'd like the lyric sheet. Someone should bring back these troubled souls (preferably someone like Mick's).

Lastly was David Pound and his band, which consisted mostly of Horsefeathers. The two acts are touring together, so it makes sense to share the horses, especially when these horses have such strong backs. I have a confession to make: I had no idea going in what Pound's current music would sound like. I haven't seen or heard from him since his grunge-rock Vitreous Humor days. Mr. Pound is all grown up and playing grown-up music a la '70s-era southern Cal-style groovy rock that's all about telling stories in a laid-back (though still rocking) vibe. I loved it. Pound is a helluva songwriter, and this band of horses could power any late-model muscle car (I'm thinking maybe a '69 Pontiac GTO a.k.a The Judge). Especially Jeremy Sidener, who never failed to provide jaw-dropping bass lines on ever song he played for either frontman.

Hmmm… that review ended up being longer than I expected.

Anyway. This weekend:

Tonight: You lucky Lincolnites have The Third Men with Strawberry Burns and The Static Octopus at Knickerbockers. You Omahans, it's worth the $12 in gas to drive there (it'll cost another $5 to get in the door). If you're too lazy to visit the capital city, then why not motor over to Counciltucky, where The Lepers, The Stay Awake and Virgasound (formerly The Philharmonic) are playing at Mike's Place (162 W. Broadway)? I've never been there. They tell me it's nice.

Saturday afternoon is Mavfest, which I discussed in yesterday's blog/column. Drop by and drop some cash for a good cause.

Tomorrow night: The Pomonas w/The Ointments and Fizzle Like a Flood, who is celebrating the rerelease of his Golden Sands and the Grandstand album on Earnest Jenning Records. Methinks The Ointments will open, followed by The Pomonas, then Doug and Co. will be last (it's their party, after all).

Close out the weekend Sunday night with Fromanhole and Kieskagato at O'Leaver's. Ah, but if you're in Lincoln, check out Tangelo and The Holy Ghost at Duffy's. Lately I've been getting into The Ghost's Welcome to Ignore Us… it's damn good.

That's all for now.

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posted by Tim at 5:40 AM

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