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Friday, September 30, 2005

Two Gallants tonight; the weekend ahead

Two Gallants tonight at Sokol Underground with Anonymous American and The Holy Ghost Revival. Just $7. Is it me or are prices going down for shows lately (Cursive shows for $2)? It's probably just me. Also tonight, Life After Laserdisque, Petracovich and Stephanie Rearick at O'Leaver's ($5, 9:30).

Tomorrow night, Oakland's The Heavenly States with Lincoln's Eagle*Seagull at O'Leaver's. I've heard a few E*S tracks online and am intrigued. $5, 9:30.

Sunday night, Austin Americana band The Black roll into O'Leaver's with Danica Newell. $5, 9:30.

It looks like the beginning of a long month at O'Leaver's. I clarified with owner Sean Conway the whole 30-shows-in-30-days thing. They're not doing a show every night in October, though it sounds like he tried to book it that way. He said he couldn't find enough bands to play every night. I find that hard to believe, especially in this town. Still, he's doing a lot of shows (check out their updated calendar) with the help of 1 Percent Productions, which, just glancing at their calendar, looks like they're doing a stretch in mid-October of 13 straight shows. They're putting it in road gear. Hang on.

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posted by Tim at 5:28 AM

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