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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Omaha from A to Z on the BBC; Race for Titles/Precious Metal tonight; Wednesday is O'Leaver's movie night...

That BBC Radio 1 program -- titled One World -- that's focused entirely on the Omaha music scene (for which I was interviewed a week or so ago) was broadcast yesterday and is now available for your listening pleasure via the Internet at this site. Click on the "Listen again to this week's show" link, or click here. The producer took the clever approach of discussing something about Omaha for every letter of the alphabet ("B is for Bright Eyes" "K is for Kite Pilot" "V is for Venues" etc.) The difference between this 2-hour show and the majority of national (and international) coverage of the Omaha scene is that producer Jimmy Devlin actually went out of his way to gather material about bands and elements outside of the Saddle Creek sphere of influence. The program's track listing includes Simon Joyner, Kite Pilot, Little Brazil, Ladyfinger, Mousetrap and Statistics, as well as the usual Creek suspects. You will finally be able to hear what your favorite Omaha music journalist sounds like as my comments are used throughout. The quote that I'm most please with: My gritty, real-life description of O'Leaver's that I'm sure will elevate the venue's profile to that of CBGB's or the 40 Watt Club. Sean, prepare for the multitudes. Check it out -- it's an accurate, interesting depiction of our scene that includes some nice touches about our history.

Tonight's big show is heavy indeed: Back When, Race for Titles, Precious Metal and Father at Sokol Underground. It's being billed as "the return of Race for Titles after months of hiatus." It's also another opportunity to hear Precious Metal, the side project of Faint guitarist Dapose. Bring your earplugs, it's gonna be loud. $8, 9 p.m.

Also, an early head's up for the monthly Rock Movie Night at O'Leaver's, which is tomorrow night (Wednesday). This time it's "The Boys are Back in Town" -- an October 1978 performance by Thin Lizzy at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Read more about it here. It's fun and it's free.

Tomorrow morning, look for my feature on Two Gallants that talks about how the band found itself signed to Saddle Creek.

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posted by Tim at 5:00 AM


discardo said...

hey everyone.
I was just wondering whether anyone audiograbbed the a-z radioshow with BBC as I was stupid enough to not only miss the live airing but also the foowing days to re-listen it. duh..
so, if any of you guys has a copy of it, I'd be glad glad glad to get it. thanks.
my email would be:
cheers, nino

1:12 AM  

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